SYNTREX is a London-based multimedia art collective dedicated to fusing experimental sound, moving image, choreography and technology. It was founded by creative duo Ieva Vaiti (composer and producer), and Amy Dang (visual artist), who both met at a residency for Curious Festival (part of the Barbican Centre event series).

The collective is particularly interested in creating site-specific, interactive experiences, integrating multi-channel live audiovisuals and choreographic compositions.

The current project Syntrex: PLACES // 2 is a new collaboration with choreographer Magnus Westwell. The work explores the performative sense of ‘journey’, and the sensations which accompany physical transitions. It is a re-work of our old show PLACES, which had been performed in Tripspace (2018, UK) and Pickle Factory (2019, UK). 

PLACES // 2  is on tour right now. You can find more details HERE.


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